Reading Dr Seuss to our 1K Buddies :)

Last week 5D aimed to ‘Read a Seuss a Day’ as part of our Literacy focus for the week. We had a ‘Seussational’ week reading, not only independently, but also to our buddies. In total, 5D read over 270 Dr Seuss books [he didn’t write that many, but we loved the ones he did!], which was a mammoth effort and well above the 150 we originally aimed for; our buddies loved them too – what’s not to love about a Dr Seuss book? Whether your favourite is ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, ‘Tha Cat in the Hat’, ‘The Lorax’ or ‘Wacky Wednesday’, Dr Seuss books are loved by children of all ages [and older!]. AWESOME EFFORT 5D! 🙂



5D’s last venture into the kitchen with Vicki saw us making party treats – marshmallow cones [just a bit messy!], Honey Joys and Chocolate Crackles were on the menu. Very easy to do and lots of fun as well. Now, come party time at home, 5D’s students should be able to help out; if you’re game! It was also a lovely way to take a break from our NAPLAN tests too! Check out what these clever students made: