2D Shapes Gain Another Dimension


It’s always so much fun when our Buddy grades get together, no matter what the activity. This time, 5D helped their Buddies to construct a cube, then create a character with it, giving the cube character a rhyming name (where possible).
Fun games on online, thanks to Mrs McKee, had everyone involved, certainly entertained and learning more about 3 dimensional shapes. Great job everyone!

3 times the LOVE comes to 5D :)


Three times as many thanks as we’d normally give to Bree, Heidi and Riley for bringing in three of Marley and Moose’s Golden Retriever puppies. The remaining seven of the litter of ten, yes, ten, stayed at home in the comfort of their surroundings.
We had an amazing time patting, holding and generally just loving Pinky, Yellow and Greeny – just far too cute for words!