What more can I say?


There’s not much more to say really! After completing four tests over three days, NAPLAN for 2015 is done and dusted. 

The students of 5MD approached each test with a positive attitude and were determined to do their very best; what more could I ask for? 

Fantastic effort Ayyaz, C-J, Chloe, Ajay, Zac, Rhian, Mel, Nick, Billy, Katt, Chatula, Risinu, Chiara, Becky, Amelia, Issa, Lana, Ashley, Emily, Charlize, Alana(pa), Jameson, Georgia, Riley and Sarah! 🙂

Roald Dahl

This is my Pic Collage about Roald Dahl. I love this collage because Roald Dahl is a fantastic author and when I was working on my collage, I had the chance to find more information and I did! I love his books and I’m sure that you will too! Some of his books are,  Matilda, The Twits, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Esio Trot, The Witches, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, The Magic Finger, The BFG, Boy Tales of Childhood, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 

By Mel

Decimals By Chiara


This is some decimals I did in class. I chose decimals because at first I struggled, but then my lovely teacher ( Mrs de Jong ) came up and helped me. After she helped me I understood it and I found it very fun. Also I understood it so much that I got them ALL correct! By Chiara!

Earth Cross Section

  •   This is the Earth Cross Section. I learnt so much about it and I would definitely would like to share it. There is four parts of the earth, the Crust, the Mantle, the outer core and the inner core. The crust is about 5 to 25 miles deep. The Mantle is about 1800 miles deep. The outer core is about 1400 miles deep and the inner core is about 800 miles deep. This is one of the most interesting things that I have ever learned.

My Narrative Writing Piece


Hello there, this is my Narrating Writing piece. I hope you like reading it.
This piece had to have a topic of Natural Disasters. I felt happy doing this because I knew what I was doing. The story was about a battle against a superhero and a tornado super villain. The villains name is Tornado V and the superhero’s name is Super Ayyaz. We only had 50min to complete the story. Hope you enjoy reading it!
By Ayyaz

First Aid with 5MD and 4 of 5ED!

What a fantastic incursion run by Ben from St John’s! Not only was he entertaining and taught the students of 5MD/ED about the nasty things that could happen as a result of an accident and finding a person potentially unconscious, they also got really involved and got to try CPR too!

Great job Ajay, Becky, Rhian and Bridie; your actions could help save lives one day!

Thank-you Mrs Shave for organizing such a wonderful, entertaining and very informative incursion for us. 🙂