And 5MD is now … 24!

The last day of Term 2 was both happy and sad. We celebrated the end of a hectic 11 weeks and also had to say ‘goodbye’ to Issa, who left us to go to a new school.

We wish Issa all the very best at his new school – we know he will be an absolute pleasure for his new teacher to have in their class and new friends will find him quickly. We will miss you very much Issa, but are very grateful to have had two terms of fun with you! 🙂

End of Term 2!


Wishing every student in 5MD [Ayyaz, Cindy, Chloe, Ajay, Zac, Rhian, Mel, Nick, Billy, Katt, Chatula, Risinu, Chiara, Becky, Amelia, Issa, Lana, Ash, Em, Charlize, Alanapa, Jamo, G, Riley, Sarah] a fantastic holiday. 
After a busy Term 2, you have all earned the right to a relaxing and fun-filled break. Thank-you for your wonderful effort, hard work and terrific senses of humor and fun. See you on July 13th! 🙂

Prep CH & 5MD – Farm Animal Antics :)

Its been a while, but it was worth the wait! We had a great time during Buddies today, making pink, paper plate pigs. Please read and enjoy two of the stories the buddies wrote about their pigs. 

Apologies to Riley, Jameson and Lucas for not publishing yours (it really is worth the wait to read!); for some reason it didn’t save properly. We’ll fix it up on Monday. 🙂