Happy Holidays 5MD!


Wishing you all a happy end to Term 3 and I hope you enjoy your two weeks of holidays. Term 3 was another busy one; life Ed, Forensic Science, Book Week and Sovereign Hill camp to name just a few of the things you did. Can you believe there is only one term left of Grade 5? Let’s think about that next term – see you in just over two weeks. 
Have a great holiday 5MD! πŸ™‚ 

Prater Amusement Park – Vienna

Before we left Vienna we went to the Prater Amusement Park; it opened in 1897 and currently has one of the oldest ferris wheel in existence.

We went on it and even though it was a quick ride, we saw the beautiful sights of Vienna. The ferris wheel was like the Southern Star with its carriages, but obviously not as luxurious. 

Our fete in November won’t be quite as big nor have quite as many rides, but it will be lots of fun, just as this amusement park has been and continues to be today. πŸ™‚



I just wanted to share this photo with you as part of Book Week, even though I’m in Vienna! Please note how far I had to go to ‘Run from the Kids’ just to make this shirt make sense! 

Enjoy dressing up as your favourite book character; I hope you can post some photos to our Blog so I can see how great you all look. πŸ™‚


A little taste of Vienna – just for you 5MD!

Wow! What a busy few days we’ve had here in beautiful Vienna! We’ve walked a really long way and enjoyed all the sights so far. Here are a few photos for you from our visit to Schonbrunn Palce today ; I hope you like them. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the Palace, but it was quite amazing! 


 Check out Vienna in the background!

The last photo is of a labyrinth that we walked through; thankfully we didn’t get lost, but anything was possible! πŸ™‚


Waiting at Abu Dhabi Airport!

Hi 5MD! Our journey has well and truly begun. Our flight left Melbourne at about 3:30pm on Sunday (Father’s Day) and arrived in Abu Dhabi at 11:15pm their time. Abu Dhabi is 6hrs behind us, so now it’s 6:30am our time and 12:30am their time-confused? Me too! 

Our flight was about 14hrs and our flight to Vienna is about 6hrs (I think). A long time just sitting, but at least I get to watch movies and tv shows or read my book (an organic one Riley!). 

I hope you all rested well after our time in Sovereign Hill and are ready for a busy last 2 weeks of Term 3. I also hope you’re feeling much better Alanapa! πŸ™‚