Great Weeks of Science in 5MD!

Please take a good look at the future of Science; it is indeed in great hands, with such inquiring minds and enthusiasm. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of the demonstrations and seeing my lab coat back in action too!

Experiments such as Bouncing Rubber Eggs, Magical Goop, Quicksand, Seeing DNA, an Underwater Volcano, Crushing a Bottle, Making Ice-Cream, Coin Cleaning, colorful Milk, exploding Lunch Bags, Blowing Up Ballons (not the conventional way either!), Raising Water, Walking Water, Frozen Ice, Lava Lamp, Making a Torch, Balloon+Stick, Mentos & Coke, Egg in a Bottle and Volta’s Battery too – a wonderful mix of the different fields of Science that caught all our attention and captivated us too!

Thank-you 5MD! πŸ™‚


One Saturday in December…

Today I had the absolute pleasure of watching Charlize and her brother Jai be tested for their probationary Black Belt with SES Taekwondo, based right here at Oatlands Primary School and what an absolutely amazing display of skill it was too! Having to speak in Korean while demonstrating your skills and answering Taekwondo-related questions was super impressive too! 

It was just beautiful to see such an enthusiastic and encouraging group of supporters there, including Mel, Sarah and Mikey – I know it meant a lot to Charlize, Jai and their parents. πŸ™‚

Congratulations Charlize and Jai; I am so very proud of you! πŸ™‚


Grade 5 Bike Ed. 2015

What an amazing two days of Bike Ed. we had with our Grade 5 students. After an interesting Day 1, complete with a few accidents [hope you’re feeling better Becky, Emma-Rose and Halisa], our students settled beautifully into learning the skills involved in riding a bike and all about road safety, with a special video about Ed’s Excellent Bike Ed. Adventure

We trust that all our students who participated in the two day program will indeed use their bike brain when next they’re riding their bikes. 

A very big ‘THANK-YOU’ to all our parents who went out of their way to get their child’s bike to school – we greatly appreciate it! πŸ™‚