Easter Fun with our Buddies!

After an egg hunt in the classroom [some were very tricky to find Miss McBride!], we settled down to colouring, cutting, folding, filling and putting a handle on Easter baskets – what a lot of work for our Prep CM buddies to do! Isn’t it lucky they had their 5MD buddies to help?

Lots of fun was had by everyone [especially by the teacher buddies]; hopefully Easter and the school holidays will be lots of fun too! 

ENJOY! 🙂  


Murrundindi Visit!!!….

On the 16/03/16 we had Murrundindi come to Oatlands P.S. He told us interesting things about his cultural history, weapons  he had, his family and lots more. He showed us some pictures on the TV, he showed us some weapons, spears and boomerangs. The best thing about the presentation that I think was when he was playing the didgeridoo. In the afternoon we had two turns of throwing a boomerang. It was a very fun day.

From Kevin 5MD!

Happy Holidays 5MD!

Can you believe Term 1 is finishing tomorrow? It’s said that time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve had loads of fun! 🙂

Thank-you so much 5MD for a sensational term; I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself as much as Linda  and I have…and more importantly, that you’ve learned a few things along the way too!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday – rest, relax and above all, HAVE FUN! 🙂

And the GOLD just keeps coming!


Congratulations Cameron on receiving your GOLD MATHLETICS certificate last week; this is Cam’s 40th Mathletics certificate and his second Gold. What a super achievement! 🙂

Further congratulations go to Jack on receiving your GOLD MATHLETICS certificate yesterday; this is also Jack’s 40th Mathletics certificate and his second Gold. What a fantastic achievement! 🙂

Mathletics is a brilliant way for all students to consolidate the Math concepts they have learnt and are currently learning; a certificate to celebrate hard work is a deserved bonus! Being ‘MATHLETES OF THE WEEK’ multiple weeks in a row is pretty exciting too – LOVE YOUR WORK 5MD! 🙂