We’re On Our Way!

Fabulous weather [even though a bit cold yesterday and last night a little bit colder] stayed with us for our two day, Sovereign Hill adventure – how lucky were we?

We should arrive at OPS at approximately 3:30pm; hopefully the traffic will be kind to us on the freeway!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon, as well as a little more sleep tonight…for all of us! πŸ™‚ 


All Quiet in the Cabins!Β 

Safely tucked into bed after a very cold day exploring Sovereign Hill and doing so many terrific things; looking forward to spending two hours trying to fit in the things we didn’t get to do today – wish us luck! 

Linda and I are also incredibly impressed with our students; their behaviour, sense of fun and beautiful manners are an absolute delight…we’re super proud of each and every one of them – I’m sure you would be too! πŸ™‚