Walking Water – Seriously?

Please take a look at our Walking Water experiment; thanks for the inspiration Darrius and well constructed 5MD! 🙂

Th experiment was started on Thursday November 24th around 2:30 pm; these photos were taken at lunchtime yesterday, November 25th. Cups 2, 4 and 6 had no water in them; they now have the result of mixed colours – intriguing!

We’re looking forward to seeing how far the water walks on Monday! 🙂

Buddy Time!

Time flies quickly when you’re having fun and we certainly had a fun time with our Buddies yesterday! 

Mindfulness colouring to soothing background music [well, that was our plan!], followed by a game of Heads Down, Thumbs Up on a very big scale; what a way to spend some of our Friday!

So much fun and so many laughs…can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of our Buddy year! We’d best make the most of the remaining weeks – can’t wait to dance together next week! 🙂